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I think it's great to hear or read what people think about my book both good and bad. On this page you'll find links to what people are saying about Design - Build - Run and some of my favourite excerpts but please be sure to read the full reviews...

Simon Brown of Coding The Architecture - Excerpt: "The breadth of knowledge in this book is immense but the technical depth backing it up is there too; covering everything from planning and running projects through to designing, building and testing software. The book doesn't focus on particular technologies, frameworks or fashions; instead it explores and explains the important stuff that software developers really should know ... If you're a software developer looking for a way to fast-track your experience, you should definitely take a look at Dave's book. It really does contain everything that you should know about building software." You can read the full review at

British Computer Society (8 out of 10) - Excerpt: "There are many books and articles that discuss specific aspects of software development in terms of particular methodologies, design paradigms, programming languages, application types and so forth. Design-Build-Run is rather different."

There are also many customer reviews on and here's just a few of my favourite excerpts:

"5* - Dave Ingram has had work cut out for him putting this monster together, and he delivered a concisely assembled manual for an effective software developer. The material focuses on proper procedures, and in doing so highlights many of the little caveats and pitfalls one might come across without sufficient planning throughout all stages of the software lifecycle."

"5* - If there was ever a book that I would hand a brand-new hire in my department, this would be it. It practically is my job description in 685 pages. I recommend this to anyone wanting to get a head-start in a company's Production environment. I wish I would have had this book a decade ago."

"5* - If you want to be a pro developer and not just hack out code to get the job done in a pinch, you need to add this to your library, I'm glad it's now in mine!"

"4* - The author also digs deep into certain subjects, actually very deep. All in all I would recommend this book to someone who has not had the opportunity to be part of a large system design, and would like exposure to the artifacts and processes involved in a larger environment."

"4* - This book is what you'd expect (Hope!) to use for a textbook in a professional level class. It tells you, and tells you very well, exactly what the process should be from start to finish."

"3* - I think that this is going to be better as a textbook or reference book for the vast majority of people. I can certainly see someone keeping it on their bookshelf so that it's available to flip to a specific chapter and get some suggestions on how to deal with an issue on a project."

Whilst it's not a formal review, there's also an article about Design - Build - Run on The Register.

Please contact me if you'd like to review a copy of Design - Build - Run.

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