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I've been into computer games since I was a very young boy and I especially enjoy playing adventure games. An all time favourite of mine from the past is Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (pictured below). I also loved Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine as well as all the others in the Indy series. Some other favourites include Myst and Riven, the Broken Sword series and of course the Monkey Island series to name but a few.

That Bloody Parrot I found this picture on the internet and it's almost certainly copyright LucasArts. It's from Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis which was the first adventure game I played and it got me totally and utterly hooked on adventure games - all because it took me ages to crack the particular puzzle in the picture and get into the temple. All I can say to that is "Thanks Parrot!".

I always wanted to be a professional games programmer or at least be involved in games development as I really enjoyed writing and designing games when I was learning to code. You'll see from personal development that I started out writing games. I guess like a lot of us of that era. Interestingly enough, I was recently flicking through a job spec for an Associate Games Producer which seemed like a great job. Don't get me wrong, architecting and overseeing large-scale business systems is a great job too but it doesn't always allow me to be as creative as I'd like - especially where graphics , sound & music and animation are concerned.

I simply love creativity and my personal software development (and some work) allows me to explore my creative side both from a methodology point of view as well as the outputs. The added bonus is that I'm my own critic so there's no one else that has to "sign-off" on it before it goes live. I also really enjoyed writing Design-Build-Run because it allowed me to think back to some great times (and some bad ones) and pass on some of the knowledge and experience I've gained working in the industry.

I've recently started developing Flash applications in Adobe Flex and I love it because you can very easily create some fantastically interactive and visual applications. In fact, I'm working on a few ideas in this space for Design-Build-Run. The Design - Build - Run site was created using an "InstantSite" offering from the hosting provider which is somewhat limited in its capabilities but it gets you up-and-running very quickly. I have also created sites for my friends and family such as

I am also very much into films. My DVD and Blueray collection includes over 1,000 films and is ever growing. Some all time favourite films of mine from my youth include War Games, Electric Dreams, Andriod, The Warriors, The Wanderers, McVicar, Star Wars, the James Bond films and of course the Indiana Jones collection. I generally like films that inspire me and I'm a firm believer that you can make anything happen if you try hard enough - thanks to Disney for constantly reiterating this message. A mission of mine is to put all my films on a media centre for ease of storage and viewing.

I'm not just about playing games and watching films though. I really enjoy spending time with my family and friends just chatting, catching up and hanging out. I also like reading and I used to play the piano a long while back whish is something I'd like to get into again as it's very enjoyable. I even wrote a couple of songs too.

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