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Over the years I've learnt a lot. Mostly the hard way but I've also read some very good books. In my day job I review many projects and provide practical advice to many people on a daily basis and I simply wanted to share my knowledge with the wider community. Whilst they say there's no substitute for learning on the job, a helping hand never hurt anyone. And that's exactly what Design - Build - Run is intended to be - a head start and a helping hand along the way. I felt that there weren't many other books that covered the subjects I wanted to cover. Furthermore, as the industry has grown I felt (and still do) that some of the fundemental software engineering principles are being forgotten and Design - Build - Run reinforces them.

My ideal situation for any developer or architect that works for me would be to say "read this (Design - Build - Run) first." Whilst this might sound somewhat bolshy, a 5* review by an customer stated "If there was ever a book that I would hand a brand-new hire in my department, this would be it." so it's not just me.

Now, I'm certainly not saying that the book is the be-all and end-all of everything, far from it, but it's a collection of principles and practices that I've learnt over the years which have come in very useful and I hope you find them useful too.

Lastly, a mentor of mine said "something that puts a different optic on development from the usual 'ooh look clever code' type of book would be great." and this was bolstered by another 5* review stating "It is an easy read, yet there's a lot to digest, and thanks to the author's 'just the facts' approach, all of it pertinent to the subject matter."

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