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I am currently working on two talks for Skills Matter:

Title: Production Operations - An Architect and Developer Perspective
Understanding the production environment and the core functions of the live service Operations, Service Delivery and Application Maintenance teams helps us to design and build solutions that can be better operated and supported during live service and beyond.
This session provides practical insights and proven principles for architects and developers to help them design, build and implement solutions that are resilient and operable. The session is framed around a medium-scale production environment and introduces & highlights the importance of the Operations Manual as well as the Operations and Service Delivery activities such as backup & recovery, batch, reporting, monitoring, incident investigation and fix-on-fail.

Duration: 90 minutes

Title: Industrialised Delivery - Preparing for "Production"
There are lots of areas to consider when setting up a software-development production line. There are many processes that you need to establish before starting full-on production (e.g., development) to ensure that you are in a position to produce high quality outputs. With a well-oiled production line, you should be able to develop anything and get high quality products out the end. As with any kind of manufacturing, you need the right raw materials, the right processing, and the
right quality controls.
Everything you do needs to be cost effective, improve productivity and efficiency and be implemented in a controlled and orderly fashion. This session looks at some of the types of applications, environments, processes, and tools that should be assessed and introduced (where appropriate) to industrialise delivery.

Duration: 90 minutes

In my spare time I'm working on some Flash appliations and websites, some ideas for another book and lots of other training/education material.

You can email me via if you want to get in touch.

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